2 days ago cjihrigNow working on version 1.27.1 v1.x
2 days ago cjihrigAdd SHA to ChangeLog
2 days ago cjihrig2019.03.17, Version 1.27.0 (Stable) v1.27.0
2 days ago Andrew Paprockitest: remove call to floor() in test driver
2 days ago Andrew Paprockitest: change spawn_stdin_stdout return to void
2 days ago Andrew Paprockitest,sunos: test-ipc.c lacks newline at EOF
2 days ago Andrew Paprockisunos: fix argument/prototype mismatch in atomics
2 days ago Andrew Paprockitest,sunos: fix statement not reached warnings
2 days ago Andrew Paprockibuild,sunos: better handling of non-GCC compiler
2 days ago Andrew Paprockitest,sunos: use unistd.h code branch
2 days ago Andrew Paprockisunos: disable __attribute__((unused))
2 days ago Andrew Paprockitest,sunos: disable UV_DISCONNECT handling
2 days ago Andrew Paprockisunos: add perror() output prior to abort()
2 days ago cjihrigbuild: add missing header 2219/head
2 days ago Ben Noordhuisbuild: add android-configure scripts to EXTRA_DIST
2 days ago Poul Thomas... build: fix uv_test shared uv Windows cmake build
2 days ago Santiago Gimenoudp: add support for UDP connected sockets
2 days ago Santiago Gimenowin,udp: allow to use uv_udp_open on bound sockets
2 days ago Santiago Gimenounix: refactor getsockname/getpeername methods
2 days ago evgleywin: skip winsock initialization in safe mode
2 days ago Ryan Liptakdoc: fix typo in uv_thread_options_t definition
7 days ago Anna Henningsenunix, win: make fs-poll close wait for resource cleanup
10 days ago Ben Noordhuisdoc: add note about uv_run() not being reentrant 2208/head
2019-03-01 cjihrigunix: fix __FreeBSD_kernel__ typo 2214/head
2019-02-26 Ben Noordhuisbsd: plug uv_fs_event_start() error path fd leak 2197/head
2019-02-25 Thomas Karl... build: make cmake install LICENSE only once
2019-02-21 Ben Noordhuistest: relax uv_hrtime() test assumptions 2186/head
2019-02-16 Santiago Gimenosrc: fill sockaddr_in6.sin6_len when it's defined
2019-02-12 Ben Noordhuislinux: use statx() to obtain file birth time 2184/head
2019-02-11 Vladimír Čunátdoc: describe unix signal handling better
2019-02-10 cjihrigNow working on version 1.26.1
2019-02-10 cjihrigAdd SHA to ChangeLog
2019-02-10 cjihrig2019.02.11, Version 1.26.0 (Stable) v1.26.0
2019-02-10 Ben Noordhuisunix: don't attempt to invalidate invalid fd
2019-02-10 erw7win: fix duplicate tty vt100 fn key
2019-02-08 Anna Henningsenthread: allow specifying stack size for new thread
2019-02-07 cjihrigwin: return product name in uv_os_uname() version 2170/head
2019-02-05 cjihrigsrc,include: define UV_MAXHOSTNAMESIZE 2175/head
2019-02-05 cjihrigwin: simplify registry closing in uv_cpu_info() 2171/head
2019-02-05 ptlomholtopenbsd,tcp: special handling of EINVAL on connect
2019-02-05 yeyuanfengunix: fix epoll cpu 100% issue
2019-02-05 Stephen Belangerdoc: fix uv_get_free_memory doc
2019-01-18 cjihrigNow working on version 1.25.1
2019-01-18 cjihrigAdd SHA to ChangeLog
2019-01-18 cjihrig2019.01.19, Version 1.25.0 (Stable) v1.25.0
2019-01-18 cjihrigRevert "ibmi: add support for IBM i to cmake build" 2156/head
2019-01-18 cjihrigRevert "ibmi: add support for IBM i to autotools build"
2019-01-17 cjihrigbuild: wrap long lines in 2151/head
2019-01-17 Kevin Adleribmi: add support for IBM i to autotools build
2019-01-17 Kevin Adleribmi: add support for IBM i to cmake build
2019-01-17 Kevin Adleribmi: return EISDIR on read from directory fd
2019-01-17 Santiago Gimenounix,stream: fix zero byte writes
2019-01-16 Poul T Lomholtopenbsd: switch to libuv's barrier implementation
2019-01-15 sidwin: fix msvc warning
2019-01-15 Refael Ackermannwin,test: de-flake fs_event_watch_dir_short_path
2019-01-15 Victor Costanunix: better handling of unsupported F_FULLFSYNC
2019-01-15 Santiago Gimenotest: fix test-ipc tests
2019-01-15 Santiago Gimenotest: fix test-ipc spawn_helper exit_cb
2019-01-14 ptlomholtunix: enable IPv6 tests on OpenBSD
2019-01-14 Bartosz Sosnowskiwin, tty: fix CreateFileW() return value check
2019-01-14 cjihrigunix,win: add uv_os_uname() 2128/head
2019-01-11 cjihrigwin: fix sizeof-pointer-div warning 2139/head
2019-01-04 Jameson Nashthread,mingw64: need intrin.h header for SSE2 MemoryBarrier 2083/head
2019-01-04 Jameson Nashfsevents: really watch files with fsevents on macos... 2082/head
2019-01-04 Jameson Nashbuild: support running tests in out-of-tree builds 2099/head
2019-01-03 Bartosz Sosnowskitty,win: fix Alt+key under WSL
2018-12-30 Ben Noordhuisunix: don't send handle twice on partial write 2097/head
2018-12-30 Ben Noordhuisunix: refactor uv__write()
2018-12-30 Ben Noordhuisdarwin: DRY platform-specific error check
2018-12-30 Ben Noordhuisunix: rename WRITE_RETRY_ON_ERROR macro
2018-12-30 Gireesh Punathilaix: manually trigger fs event monitoring
2018-12-27 Ben NoordhuisRevert "win,fs: retry if uv_fs_rename fails" 2122/head
2018-12-16 cjihrigNow working on version 1.24.2
2018-12-16 cjihrigAdd SHA to ChangeLog
2018-12-16 cjihrig2018.12.17, Version 1.24.1 (Stable) v1.24.1
2018-12-14 Michael Meierbuild: don't link against -lpthread on Android
2018-12-11 Joran Dirk... win: fs: fix `FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING` for writes
2018-12-04 Ben Noordhuisaix: fix data race in uv_fs_event_start() 2065/head
2018-12-04 Ben Noordhuisaix: get rid of strcat() calls
2018-12-04 Ben Noordhuislinux: get rid of strncpy() call
2018-12-04 Ben Noordhuisunix: harden string copying, introduce strscpy()
2018-12-04 Ben Noordhuistest: add uv_inet_ntop(AF_INET) coverage
2018-12-02 Ivan Krylovdoc: clarify expected memory management strategy
2018-11-29 Jameson Nashwarnings: fix code that emits compiler warnings 2066/head
2018-11-27 Rickdoc: replace deprecated build command on macOS
2018-11-25 Ben Noordhuisdarwin: use runtime check for file cloning 2092/head
2018-11-21 Ashe Connorunix: zero epoll_event before use
2018-11-21 Damon Kwokgitignore: ignore build/ directory
2018-11-21 damon-kwoktest: fix platform_output test on cygwin
2018-11-13 cjihrigNow working on version 1.24.1
2018-11-13 cjihrigAdd SHA to ChangeLog
2018-11-13 cjihrig2018.11.14, Version 1.24.0 (Stable) v1.24.0
2018-11-10 Bartosz Sosnowskiwin: support more fine-grained windows hiding
2018-11-10 Gireesh Punathilaix: fix race in uv_get_process_title()
2018-11-04 Ben Noordhuisdarwin: speed up uv_set_process_title() 2064/head
2018-11-01 Bartosz Sosnowskiwin,fs: retry if uv_fs_rename fails
2018-11-01 Bartosz Sosnowskiwin, dl: proper error messages on some systems
2018-11-01 Bartosz Sosnowskiwin, tcp: avoid starving the loop
2018-10-30 Ben Noordhuisunix,win: support IDNA 2008 in uv_getaddrinfo() 2046/head
2018-10-30 Ben Noordhuistest,unix: fix race in test runner 2056/head