access: update access lists to use new juci ubus object paths.
[juci.git] / plugins / juci-mod-system / access.json
2015-09-22 Martin Schröderaccess: update access lists to use new juci ubus object...
2015-09-21 Martin Schröderjuci-mod-system: added new services lua backend stub
2015-09-07 Martin SchröderAdded ubus event handling and hotplug events directly...
2015-08-26 Martin SchröderAdded system configuration settings
2015-08-24 Martin SchröderFixed a few minor issues
2015-08-18 Martin SchröderAdded a few more lua backend functions
2015-08-14 Martin SchröderGotten rid of more messy C code in the main plugin
2015-07-30 Martin SchröderUpdated english translations, added finish translation...