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last changeTue, 18 Jul 2017 00:24:14 +0000 (17:24 -0700)
2017-07-18 Stephen Hemmingerbrctl: fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings master
2017-07-18 Aleksander... libbridge: add missing sys/time.h include in header
2017-05-15 David Michaellibbridge: Include the configured CFLAGS when compiling
2016-10-12 Stephen Hemmingerbridge-utils 1.6 release v1.6
2016-10-12 Stephen Hemmingerman: add obsolete notice to man page
2016-08-17 Stephen Hemmingerbrctl: better error handling
2016-08-17 Kylie McClainFix building on musl libc
2014-02-28 Andrey Mazobridge-utils: Pretty print configure help
2014-02-28 Andrey Mazobridge-utils: AC_OUTPUT should be used without arguments
2014-02-28 Andrey Mazobridge-utils: Remove unused variable in doc/
2014-02-28 Andrey Mazobridge-utils: Abort compilation on error in any subdire...
2013-03-20 Stephen HemmingerClean up autoconf debris when doing make maintainer...
2013-03-20 Stephen Hemmingerignore build files
2013-03-20 Yegor Yefremovrename to
2013-03-07 Stephen Hemmingerupdate email address
2013-03-07 Russell Seniorbridge-utils: Fix compile against linux-3.8.x
2 years ago v1.6
8 years ago v1.5
11 years ago v1.4
11 years ago v1.3
12 years ago v1.2
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