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2018-12-19 Ronny NilssonUse regular Asterisk framework for system() due to... master ronny_rttask_16432
2018-12-19 Ronny NilssonIf loading of chan_brcm failed Asterisk crashed. Fixed...
2018-12-19 Ronny NilssonRevert "asterisk.c: use vfork instead of fork in ast_sa...
2018-12-19 Ronny NilssonWhen Asterisk forks a process and wants to downgrade...
2018-12-19 Ronny NilssonThere is a race condition somewhere causing deadlock...
2017-03-22 Kent EkholmFix for #9581, "error 404 on incoming call"
2017-03-02 Martin LindbergTicket 11390 - Ubus asterisk.call_log printout
2017-02-06 Martin LindbergTicket 10983 - Handeling endpoint driver issues at...
2016-11-30 Martin LindbergAdding possibility to get DTMF and RTP in syslog
2016-11-28 Martin LindbergFix for led handling
2016-06-15 Sukru Senlilit voice led even if ubus events are not handled ps/base
2016-06-07 Ronny NilssonDebug printouts
2016-05-27 Ronny NilssonIt wasn't enough to just check of failed open
2016-05-27 Ronny Nilsson- Kernel internal dect procesing in endpoint MUST
2016-05-26 Ronny Nilssonpthreads has begun working again, with the help
2016-05-26 Ronny Nilssonpthreads has begun working again, with the help
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